“Why Isn’t Voter Suppression a Protest Cause?”

From Alec MacGillis at The New Republic:

This week brought another major report on all the efforts in state capitals, almost all Republican-led, to restrict voting rights via new limits on voter registration, early voting, proof of residency and voter identification, all in the name of countering the phantom menace of voter fraud. In a conference call to announce the report, which was produced by the Center for American Progress [Read more . . . ]

U.S. Constitution .org would like to take a stab at the question posed in the headline: maybe because law-abiding citizens are indifferent to the requirement to show ID to vote.  Maybe they just don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

Meanwhile, the faux controversy around voter ID makes great copy for the left-wing media.

[TNR via ElectionLawBlog]

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